Homeopathy for anxiety

Homeopathy for anxiety and how to help yourself

We are all anxious from time to time. When there are major stressful events going on in the world, like now, anxiety can takeover. For some it’s fleeting but for others it can be almost constant. The source of our anxiety can be real e.g. the current crisis, financial problems, job worries, health problems, relationship difficulties etc. However, they can also be groundless, even if they feel real e.g. based on future events, free floating anxiety, our insecurities etc. Regardless of the cause, one thing remains true: prolonged worrying doesn’t help us in anyway.  So why do we worry?  A big part of anxiety is our imagination running through all possible scenarios, usually the worst ones.  By thinking through all the eventualities, we hope that somehow we can control them or deal with them if they arise. This can sometimes be helpful in the very short term, to motivate us to act and make changes that will help.  Anxiety can often be about trying to gain a sense of control over areas where we have very little.
Below are some useful tips to help your anxiety and a chart of homeopathic remedies that can help.Click here to download chart.
If you’re struggling to help yourself or the anxieties are deep or long lasting then please contact me to see how I can help.    Read a case study here
Read remedy stories here

Useful tips to help anxiety.

  • Slow breathing – box breathing can be very helpful. Try and do 4 cycles or more when feeling anxious.
  • If we can recognise when we are feeling anxious and are able to see that our thoughts are imaginary we can often stop the anxiety in its tracks before it becomes overwhelming.
  • Talking to someone often helps to put the anxiety into perspective.
  • If we know that there’s something that always makes us anxious, e.g. watching the news or looking at our phone, try to restrict these activities as much as possible.
  • Distract ourselves by thinking about other things or get out of our heads by exercising or going for a walk. This can take some effort.
  • Reassuring ourselves, especially based on past evidence, that the anxiety is groundless can often help. For e.g. we often spend time worrying about being able to complete assignments or work by deadlines, when in the past we have always finished on time. If we can trust and have confidence in ourselves then we can release the time and effort spent on worrying.
  • Recognising what is within our control and what isn’t.
  • If our anxieties are about the future or upcoming events, spend time visualising events going well instead of focussing on what could go wrong. I once had a client who was terrified of flying. I asked her to tell me what a good flight experience would be. This question stumped her as she had never considered that.
  • Having confidence in ourselves and telling ourselves that whatever happens we will cope and find a way through, can help to release anticipatory worries.

When anxieties persist, they can often result in physical symptoms e.g. digestive upsets, heartburn, headaches, insomnia and many more. Often, we don’t realise that anxiety is at the root of some of our physical symptoms. This is where homeopathy can help as it treats the whole person and takes the anxiety and any physical symptoms together, and treats the whole.
The chart below shows some homeopathic remedies for anxiety and fear that you can try for yourself and/or your families. Try and find the remedy that best fits your anxieties and symptoms.  You don’t have to have all the symptoms listed, in order to use it. These are just a few of the homeopathic remedies that can help.  There are many more.  If you’re struggling to help yourself or the anxieties are deep or long lasting then book a free 15 minute chat to see how I can help.    Read a case study here

Instructions on how to take the remedies are below the chart at the end.

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Follow these instructions on how to take remedies

Put one pill on or under the tongue.  Do not eat or drink 15 minutes either side. Let the pill dissolve.  No one but the patient taking the remedy should touch it. 

Take the remedy three times for the first day.  Ideally  every 2 to 4 hours. If the symptoms are strong you may need to repeat more frequently.   If after three doses there is no change or symptoms continue to get worse, change the remedy.  Once there is an improvement, increase the length of the intervals between doses until you no longer need to use that remedy.
Start with 30c and if it stops working or symptoms are strong use 200c.

* Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and is not intended to replace primary care such as your doctor. Please do your own research and if you or your family start experiencing symptoms, please contact your doctor or other primary care services.