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Homeopathy for hay fever

The pollen season has started  and I’ve already had calls from those suffering with streaming noses and sneezing.  Hay fever can be miserable, especially when the weather is so nice.   Here are  some remedy tips and information that can help.
Homeopathically, hay fever is relieved on an acute and chronic level.  In the acute phase remedies are given during the hay fever season itself to help alleviate the symptoms.  This would not, however, lessen attacks in future years.  To relieve these, constitutional management is needed which involves strengthening an individual’s constitution before the hay fever season so that  the severity of future attacks will gradually diminish. Constitutional management is undertaken by a homeopath.   Listed below are some of the many remedies which may help acute hay fever during the hay fever season itself.  Each remedy has a different group of symptoms which it can be used for.  If you suffer from hay fever look at the list below and find the remedy with the symptoms that best describe your hay fever. These are just some of the remedies that can help, there are many others. If you find it difficult to choose a remedy for yourself or need further help please book an appointment

* Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and is not intended to replace primary care such as your doctor. Please do your own research and if you or your family start experiencing symptoms, please contact your doctor or other primary care services.

Allium Cepa:

  • Lots of nasal discharge which burns the nose and upper lip. Worse from the left nostril
  • Lots of watery discharge from the eyes which is bland and does not burn.
  • Hay fever worse in August
  • Stuffed up especially at the root of the nose.

Arsenicum Album:

  • Burning symptoms
  • Restless
  • Upper lip sore from burning discharge from the nose.
  • Lots of sneezing and itching in the nose
  • Feeling stuffed up in the nose, discharge from the nose doesn’t help
  • Feeling worse around midnight or from change of weather
  • Thirsty for small sips of drink
  • Can feel chilly

Arsenicum Iodatum:

  • Sneezing is very powerful
  • Constant desire to sneeze
  • Burning discharge from nose
  • Tingling of nose
  • Feeling hot and restless


  • Symptoms mostly centred around the eyes.
  • Constant watering of the eyes
  • Swelling around eye lids
  • Discharge from the eyes burns whilst discharge from the nose is bland (opposite of Allium Cepa)


  • Persistent violent sneezing
  • Watery discharge especially worse from smell of flowers
  • Eyes watering especially when going outdoors.


  • Worse after sunset, symptoms changeable
  • Thirstless
  • Hay fever symptoms better in open air and worse indoors
  • Itching of eyes with sticky discharge


  • Incredible itching of the palate.
  • Dryness of the throat
  • Hay fever symptoms better in open air and worse indoors
  • Itching of eyes with sticky discharge

Other remedies which may also help are histaminum  and mixed pollens.

Follow these instructions on how to take remedies

Put one pill on or under the tongue.  Do not eat or drink 15 minutes either side. Let the pill dissolve.  No one but the patient taking the remedy should touch it. 

Take the remedy three times for the first day.  Ideally  every 2 to 4 hours. If the symptoms are strong you may need to repeat more frequently.   If after three doses there is no change or symptoms continue to get worse, change the remedy.  Once there is an improvement, increase the length of the intervals between doses until you no longer need to use that remedy.
Start with 30c and if it stops working or symptoms are strong use 200c.

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