Homeopathy for Sadness, Grief or Short-term depression

Homeopathy for sadness, grief or short-term depression

I’ve noticed over the past few months that many clients have mentioned a feeling of underlying sadness. We have all been going through so much change, as we are constantly bombarded with depressing news of the next crisis.  The pressure of an unknown future and having to continuously adapt, can eat away at our positivity and hopefulness, as there seems to be no end in sight. For some it has also heightened any previous feelings of depression that they have. Treating yourself with homeopathy on an acute level can help with these temporary feelings of grief, sadness or short-term depression.  Whether it is as a result of the loss of a loved one, bad news, or any change.  Below is a useful chart of homeopathic remedies that can help.  If you are feeling low, have a read of the remedies and choose one that feels closest to your current feelings and covers any symptoms you may have.   Click here to download chart.

If you’re struggling to help yourself or the low feelings are deep and long lasting then contact me to see how I can help or book in for a consultation.

Homeopathy for depression

Follow these instructions on how to take remedies

Put one pill on or under the tongue.  Do not eat or drink 15 minutes either side. Let the pill dissolve.  No one but the patient taking the remedy should touch it. 

Take the remedy three times for the first day.  Ideally  every 2 to 4 hours. If the symptoms are strong you may need to repeat more frequently.   If after three doses there is no change or symptoms continue to get worse, change the remedy.  Once there is an improvement, increase the length of the intervals between doses until you no longer need to use that remedy.
Start with 30c and if it stops working or symptoms are strong use 200c.