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Kirsty O'hagan
Family homeopathy, flu
Homeopathy for flu testimonial
Catherine Nelson

I have been fortunate enough to have Sunita as my homeopath for the last year.  I have found Sunita very professional in her knowledge and understanding of homoeopathy, but more importantly Sunita has been caring, understanding and able to help me feel at ease with myself emotionally mentally and physically. I have been suffering from really bad migraines and sickness and this has been greatly reduced since I have been taking the remedies. My G.P. has been unable to give me any relief from the headache and sickness.I highly recommend Sunita as a homeopath and have recommended a friend and family members.I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sunita for her continued care and support


In September 2018 my 16 year old daughter caught a stomach bug along with three others at school. She did not recover and her debilitating symptoms kept her at home for 5 months. The following February she was placed on medication for chronic diarrhoea, strong antispasmodic tablets and medication for gastroparesis. She was still in pain and much discomfort despite the medication. After months of continuing with the treatment in November her medication suddenly failed and she became so unwell she could couldn’t even keep water down – it was horrific. I was advised by the consultant that her medication had ceased to help her and there was nothing further they could do apart from give her stronger medication. This did not seem the answer to me. I contacted Sunita who gave her a full and extensive evaluation taking in her whole self as a person not just the symptoms of the illness. Within days the nausea and cramps had become bearable and she was able to take down small amounts of fluids (and some meal replacement shake) which was a huge step forwards. Sunita contacted me regularly checking on her symptoms and tweaking her remedies as was needed. Only three weeks later she can now tolerate small amounts of solid food which the consultant advised she may never be able to do as they stated they have ‘no cure’ to date for Gastroparesis. She has very little pain and occasional nausea now and is having juices, shakes, soup and bread as well. She is back at school. Without Sunita’s help my daughters life would have been very different and would possibly have needed irreversible stomach surgery. Sunita has helped her holistically and treated her as a whole. This all happened over the entire Christmas period and Sunita supported us throughout despite this being the festive season. Without her incredible expertise and experience we could not have managed and I know my daughter would have ended up in hospital being tube fed . We cannot thank her enough as her outcome is very different to that if we had followed the route of further strong medication.
Update: two months later: She is doing really well. No nausea and no pain. Her digestion is working well. She is eating different foods and can even manage a big chicken salad sandwich now!
Update April 2020 see below.
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homeopathy for gastroparesis
Homoepathy for Anxiety
Giovanna Elkouby
family homeopathy: vertigo, migraines, Hayfever.

“I have been going to see Sunita since 2009. I had a terrible dizziness and she found the right remedy for me. I felt immediately better. My two sons are also followed by Sunita, and their hay fever and migraines have improved a lot. I can only recommend her, she is very friendly and easy to talk to, and she will always dedicate a lot of time to her patients 

Mariangela Pagluica
family homeopathy:teething, headaches, chest infections, menopause etc.

I have been seeing Sunita for over ten years. I first visited her because my 2 year old son had recurrent chest infections and the antibiotics he had been taking not only could not prevent him from becoming ill soon again but were also enormously debilitating. After Sunita prescribed him a remedy he has never had a chest infection again.
Since then I have been taking my two sons to see Sunita for a variety of issues: teething, constipation, headaches, earache, temper tantrums ect. and they have always been treated effectively.
I have as well been treated during the course of the years with great success.
Significant are my recent visits concerning gum disease and menopause symptoms.
I had been diagnosed with a receding gums condition for which I had been recommended an expensive and quite invasive treatment. Luckily I saw Sunita before deciding to go ahead with the procedure. After taking Sunita’s remedies for several weeks, my dentist could not see the need to intervene anymore on what now looked as healthy gums, with an obvious pre-existent problem but that seemed to be perfectly under control.
With the approach of the menopause I started suffering from very uncomfortable hot flushes both during the day and at night. Again Sunita prescriptions enormously helped to reduce my hot flashes episodes and to have undisrupted sleep at night.
I find Sunita to be extremely caring and supportive, always conducting her consultations with sensitivity and understanding especially when I have resorted to traditional medicine for lack of confidence in my ability to cope with emergencies. She is very professional but at the same time very easy to talk to, patiently explaining how homeopathy and conventional medicine can work together where appropriate.
In the past I have attended two of Sunita’s courses.
One was aimed at teaching the basic principles of Homeopathy and how to apply them in acute and first aid situations. We learned how to use homeopathic remedy safely at home (cold, fever, sore throat, vomit, accident, injuries, ect.) for ourselves and our family.
The other one was an Introduction to Bach Flowers aimed to treat mental and emotional states.
Both courses proved to be very informative and easy to follow and both had been highly enjoyed by everyone in the group.
Sunita has introduced me to a health method that works to treat the whole person, physically, mentally and emotionally and I have already recommended her empathy and skill to others  and will definitely a continue to do so.

Stress and burnout

I was very surprised at the in depth consultation that took place. We covered many aspects and at times confidential information about my life and I felt completely safe and secure   I felt Sunita was very professional and has immense counseling skills. She selected a remedy for me and I really think the combination of the consultation and the remedy resulted in a positive shift in me that has made a big difference to me. I was grateful for the work we did together and would have no reservations in recommending Sunita.”

Bach flower course

I really, really enjoyed doing the Bach Flower course with you. It was highly interesting and I will try out a few remedies on myself. (will let you how I get on) I think you did a great job in presenting it and explaining it well. So thank you very much.

Louise Contreras
Family homeopathy: eczema, respiratory problems

Sunita has treated my 3 children, for respiratory difficulties and eczema. Sunita is very thorough in her investigation of each child’s needs, and the remedy suitable. Sunita is very attentive in her care and the follow up of how each respond to their individual remedy. Her help and treatment has been invaluable to the health and wellbeing of my 3 boys

Bach flower course

I found your course on Bach Flower Remedies very interesting and informative. I came along knowing nothing about these remedies but I found your course completely uncomplicated and its given me the confidence to use them, in fact I have already started using some remedies on myself and my daughter. I am sure there is so much more to learn on the subject and look forward to your next course


I really enjoyed this introduction to homeopathy it was well thought out clear and easy to follow. I had always had an interest in using remedies and this course has given me the confidence to use them. Sunitas passion for her subject shines through and she uses many examples to show how they can be used in every day use for common complaints.
A thoroughly enjoyable time was had and it was very interesting.

Caroline Greenhalgh

Our family has been following the homeopathic route now for about 10 years, so my children have never taken antibiotics. Coming from abroad I was desperate to find a homeopath here in London. By coincidence a friend of mine saw an ad in Families about a first aid course in homeopathy run by Sunita Venchard consisting of 4 sessions. Immediately we were very impressed by her, the way she explains everything very clearly and professionally. (I highly recommend it even to the sceptics of homeopathy). Although she is not a doctor, she has followed 4 years of homeopathy at the London College of Classical Homeopathy. After the course I was impressed but still cautious, as I would have liked to find a gp/homeopath. I decided to try her out and see if she could heal my tennis elbow, which has given me much discomfort over many years. Wonder over wonder she did! Once the trust was established she began treating the whole family. Last Christmas my son’s tonsillitis was so bad he could not swallow his own saliva. Of course it was on the 24th of December, we did not want to disturb Sunita, so we gave him all the usual homeopathic stuff he got previously for the same symptoms, nothing changed. We tried everything and after two days we phoned Sunita who prescribed one of the pills we gave but in a different strength. Guess what AFTER HALF AN HOUR he started being able to swallow and by the end of the day his temperature had fallen. During the rest of the week he was still weak (who would not be?) so I decided to pay Sunita a visit. She changed the medicine and in one day he was completely healed.

During your first visit with Sunita, she will analyse your personality and problems at length (finally somebody who gives the necessary time to explain and listen to everything without any rush). This can take 2 hours. She will then study your case and give you a homeopathic remedy or Bach flowers or a combination. You will have to see if any difference has occurred in the following days/weeks and then let her know by phone or a follow-up visit. Being very organised and caring you feel that you are followed by someone who knows what she is doing and who has one thing in mind – getting you better. As she used to work in the city before, I feel she has a very good contact with sceptical men. I have sent her many male patients who are always very impressed by her thorough knowledge and professional approach. She also has an excellent contact with the children and I therefore highly recommend her as a family healer. Besides homeopathy she also uses Bach Flower remedies. If I had to describe Sunita in a few words they would be: professional, thorough, holistic, caring and charming.

Paul Richardson

I have been a patient of Sunita Venchard’s for over ten years. On the occasions I have needed Sunita’s Homeopathic advice and expertise, her knowledge has always enabled her to speedily identify the correct remedy in response. I highly recommend Sunita